Here Are The 6 Reasons Why You Should Attend Oil & Natural Gas Industry Day 2018

There are many reasons to support Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry. And the perfect way to celebrate those reasons is to attend Industry Day 2018. But why should you go?

1. To Stand Up for Energy Jobs
Hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents depend on the oil and natural gas industry for their livelihoods. From rigs to office jobs, more than 260,000 Louisianans are employed by the oil and natural gas industry.

2. To Support Local Small Businesses
The oil and natural gas industry not only brings jobs to cities and parishes in Louisiana, but it injects money into the local economy. The industry brings people into communities for jobs, which gives them an opportunity to invest locally by paying for housing, shopping at small businesses and eating at area restaurants. Louisiana oil and natural gas enables communities to not only survive, but to thrive.

3. To Learn More About the Industry’s Economic Impact
The oil and natural gas industry is one of the biggest contributors to Louisiana’s economy. Each year, the industry pays nearly $2 billion in direct and indirect taxes to the state treasury. This money helps pay for schools, health care, roads and other state-funded initiatives.

4. To Get Familiar with How the Industry is Revitalizing Louisiana’s Coast
The oil and natural gas industry in Louisiana is the biggest private investor in the state’s coast. We have funded research, worked with top scientists, and invested in dozens of private and public projects that all work to protect and improve our coastline. We partner with over 20 organizations to make this happen.

5. To Meet Fellow Industry Professionals
At Oil & Natural Gas Industry Day you’ll be able to meet and catch up with the people who stand beside you on the front lines of the oil and natural gas industry. You can learn about the changes and advances happening at different companies and compare notes, which will help you get a better picture of the state of the industry.

6. To Get the Latest from Industry Experts
There’s no better place to learn about what’s happening in oil and natural gas than Industry Day. We will have industry leaders speaking about the latest developments in the state in regards to employment, legislation, innovation and more. Plus, there will be experts from our partner organizations on hand to explain how Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry making an impact on the bigger picture.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 24th at noon and head to the A.Z. Young Park at the Louisiana Capitol Building so we can SUPPORT the oil and natural gas industry together.

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