You may not give the Louisiana oil and gas industry much thought during your day-to-day life, but maybe you should. The industry has contributed to so many amazing things that make Louisiana great. From the environment to the economy, the oil & natural gas industry of Louisiana is doing great things for the state, and that means great things for you!

What exactly are these things? Let’s count ‘em!

1. Helped pass the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act.

2. Partnering with America’s WETLAND Foundation.

Oil companies Chevron, Shell and CITGO are helping restore four miles of embankment along both sides of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in Lafourche Parish. They’re doing this by partnering with America’s WETLAND Foundation Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) Shoreline Stabilization and Restoration Project. This is just one example of how the oil and gas industry is protecting Louisiana’s coast.

3. Launched the Apache Tree Grant Program.

4. Partnering with Ducks Unlimited.

Louisiana’s oil and gas industry fully sponsors Ducks Unlimited, which has loads of initiatives, including restoration of the coast. ConocoPhillips received the inaugural Ducks Unlimited Corporate Conservation Achievement Award in 2017.

5. Built artificial reefs for wildlife.

6. Created the Mississippi River Mid-Basin Sediment Diversion Program.

The Mississippi River Mid-Basin Sediment Diversion Program has created, restored, and nourished nearly 4,000 acres of marsh, barrier island, and ridge habitat utilizing riverine sediment. The program’s goal is to reverse the impacts of coastal land loss that threaten Louisiana’s economy, commerce, infrastructure, and culture

7. Preserved and rehabilitated the coastline in partnership with Restore or Retreat.

8. Provides access to wetlands.

The oil and natural gas industry provides access to their wetlands for restoration projects. ConocoPhillips has provided access to their wetland properties, from the Atchafalaya Basin to the Mississippi River, for 63 restoration projects to enhance 177,000 acres of wetlands. At the moment there are 27 newly proposed projects under construction to enhance an additional 86,000 acres of wetlands.

9. Creates a multitude of Louisiana jobs.

10. Leads the way for coastal Louisiana Oyster Recycling Program.

11. Teamed up with Water Institute of the Gulf.

The Louisiana oil and gas industry has teamed up with the Water Institute of the Gulf to figure out the best natural way to use materials dredged in Port Fourchon’s construction. This will protect the port’s infrastructure AND improve the environment.

12. Helps local businesses thrive. 

13. Supports and collaborates with other organizations.