Our Stories

Here are just some of the stories of the people and families that make the oil and gas industry successful in Louisiana. In order to ensure a bright future for our state, we must stand together for our family and friends working in and alongside the industry every day, because as Louisianians, “We are oil and gas.”

Beau Theriot, Ducks Unlimited

Beau Theriot grew up hunting and fishing on the Louisiana Coast. He works every day to preserve the coast and knows oil and gas workers are just as passionate as he is about growing Louisiana. Ducks Unlimited and the oil and gas industry are saving the coast together.

Mike Carloss, Ducks Unlimited

Mike Carloss with Ducks Unlimited is working with Louisiana oil and gas industry companies to protect and restore our state’s coast. Mike sees the positive impacts industry investments have on Louisiana communities every day and also how partnerships like the industry’s with Ducks Unlimited benefit the state as a whole. By working together, we can make Louisiana’s future brighter.

Spedale’s Florist

Spedale’s Florist is a family-owned business that serves countless oil and gas employees every year. Owner Tom Spedale believes that as a Louisiana business, Spedale’s is part of our state’s oil and gas industry. This means that through the good times and the difficult, we must all stick together. We are all Louisiana oil and gas.

We Are Louisiana Oil and Gas

Daniel and Katherine Fortier

Daniel and Katherine Fortier are new parents building their family’s future with support from the oil and gas industry. Their industry jobs provide them with a good work-life balance so they can enjoy their role as parents.

Angela and Eric Meche

Angela and Eric Meche are following in their parents’ footsteps and establishing their future careers in the oil and gas industry. Growing up, Angela’s mom provided for her by working in the industry and this experience made her appreciate the impact women are having in oil and gas.

Young Professionals in the Industry

Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson, owner of Jackson Offshore Operations, discusses his unique history in the industry in his story. Jackson started working on offshore vessels at a young age, and he eventually worked his way up to owning one of the most successful offshore transportation companies in Louisiana.

Chris Moran

Chris Moran, owner of Moran’s Marina and Moran’s Restaurant in Golden Meadow, La., has maintained an important relationship with the oil and gas industry throughout his entire life. Growing up, Moran was surrounded by industry workers in his family. Today, a major portion of his daily customers are oil and gas employees.

Carlos Evans

Carlos Evans is a Baton Rouge refinery worker whose family has worked in the industry for generations. Oil and gas has been part of his life since he was a child and, as an adult, Evans decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps by working at the same dock connecting ships and barges.