About the Coalition

Louisiana is the No. 2 producer of crude oil and the No. 2 producer of natural gas in the United States. For decades, generations of Louisiana families have built their careers in the oil and gas industry, integrating their livelihoods into the state’s heritage and making the industry an essential part of our future.

Thousands of Louisiana-owned small businesses are working with the oil and gas industry every day, offering new opportunities for our children and their families to build their careers and lives close to home. The industry is also partnering with Louisiana’s universities and technical colleges to cultivate the next generation of offshore professionals, emphasizing the newest production and safety technologies, and investing millions of dollars in production research and environmental science.

The Grow Louisiana Coalition appreciates the profound effect the oil and gas industry has on our state. We endeavor to continue the great relationship that has benefitted both the people of Louisiana and the industry.

With that thought in mind, the current situation facing Louisiana’s coastal regions remains one of the most important issues our state must deal with.

There currently is a common solution that balances the needs for restoring and maintaining Louisiana’s coast and continuing to grow the state’s oil and gas industry – the Louisiana Coastal Master Plan. The development of this plan was undertaken by industry officials alongside a broad coalition of environmental scientists, state officials and citizens interested in our state’s future.

In coming years, revenues generated by oil and gas activity will be the primary funding source for Louisiana’s coastal restoration efforts. This funding will also be compounded by the billions in taxes and revenues the industry generates already.

The Grow Louisiana Coalition is working to ensure the state’s oil and gas industry remains a major part of our economic and cultural heritage for years to come.